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Step 1: Welcome

Welcome to the eGrid download Wizard! Please review the following Important Notes to avoid the most common eGrid site issues before clicking 'Begin'.

Important Notes:

  1. This site will NOT accept your email as your username. When prompted, enter the username provided to you by email. If you no longer have the email containing this information, please contact Sell2Bell at for the information.

  2. Do not use your browser's back button within the eGrid download site.

  3. When you click on the Download button, SAVE your eGrid to your computer. You will need it every time you access Sell2Bell.

  4. Do not exit the eGrid site until you have completed all steps.

  5. When you make it to Step 7: Self-Administrative Actions, you are finished. You can close your browser tab/window. Clicking the 'Done' button will take you to a new eGrid challenge screen which is not necessary to complete. Simply close out of the tab or window.

  6. If you misplaced your eGrid after downloading or cannot access it for any other reason, call the Textron Service desk at 1-(800)-533-6093 opt. 5 and tell them that you are a Sell2Bell user having trouble with your eGrid.